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Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, I began to offer lessons online via Zoom/Skype. Due to the popularity and success of these lessons during the lockdown period, I have decided to carry on offering these lessons indefinitely.

What is an online lesson?

An online lesson uses a video chatting service such as Zoom or Skype to do the lesson, instead of meeting face-to-face. Using Zoom means that you can learn from the comfort of your own home, and can be much more flexible than a face-to-face lesson. 

What do I need for an online lesson?

All you'll need is a device with a decent webcam, and preferably a Zoom account witht the Zoom app downloaded. Zoom is completely free to set up and download so it won't cost you any more. Please see the video below for a guide to how to set up Zoom, and sort out your camera angle for the lesson.

Is it more beneficial to have face-to-face or online lessons?

It's entirely up to you! Online lessons can offer much more convenience, as it means not having to deal with traffic, potentially not having to rush your kids home from school, and are generally much easier to rearrange if you miss it for whatever reason. They're also excellent if you live a little too far away for a face-to-face lesson.

Since starting online lessons, I've noticed little difference in the progress of my students in comparison to face-to-face lessons. I've had students start, practice for, and pass graded exams all while doing online lessons. 

There are, of course, some benefits to face-to-face lessons. Online lessons do not offer us the opportunity to play songs at the same time, and it is perhaps easier to correct certain issues, specifically timing issues, in person rather than online. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but both kinds of lessons are on offer to any student!


Online lessons are priced slightly differently to face-to-face lessons. At the moment, online lessons are priced at £15 for a 30 minute lesson. Those wanting a longer lesson will need to pay for two half-hour slots at a total price of £30. This is currently under review and may change shortly!

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