The Lessons

My approach to guitar tuition is the same no matter who I'm teaching. It should be fun. Whether you want to pass your grade exams and make a living playing the guitar, or whether the lessons are for your kids and they're just starting out, everyone, at the very least, should be enjoying playing their instrument. I can still remember my first ever guitar lessons, and they were so formal and book-heavy that it just did not motivate me to play at all! If you or your child are loving playing the guitar, suddenly practice doesn't feel like practice anymore. Therefore my lessons are always built around the students and what they want to achieve. For newer guitarists, I want to get them playing the songs they like quickly, and the first few lessons are designed specifically to do this. For more advanced learners, it's important to understand what they want to do on the guitar, whether that's shred a solo or fingerpick their way through a folk song. I will always tailor my lesson around you.

What I definitely don't want to do is just teach you how to play songs. I've seen plenty of guitar lessons where the students turn up, they get given a song to learn with no explanation as to why they're doing it, and then sent off £30 lighter. My aim is to teach you the tools to play the guitar confidently, so that you can go away and learn whichever songs you like! 

Please note: If you are enquiring about lessons for your child, they must be at least 7 years old to start. Children younger than this tend to take a lot longer to pick up the guitar, and I don't want to waste your money or time!

Lessons In Your Own Home!

Most of my lessons are in the Warrington area, and so are done in the student's own home. This means no rushing around after school/work for you, and a relaxing environment for you to learn in. If you're based outside Warrington, please still get in touch! 

Prices and Availability

My prices are incredibly competitive for private tuition:

Children aged 7 - 12 (45 minute session): £23/lesson

Children aged 12+ and adults (1 hour session): £28/lesson

My main teaching hours are from Monday to Thursday, however I can sometimes accommodate weekend lessons for those who work through the week.

Guitar Rental

One of the issues with starting to learn the guitar is getting the instrument itself. How do you know what to go for? How much money should you spend? If you're getting lessons for your kids, what if they give it up after a couple of months? 

To solves this problem, I have a range of electric and acoustic guitars available for students to rent from only £10 per week. This way you can have a few lessons, practice at home through the week, and see how you get on, or if it's for you kids, see how well they pick it up with absolutely no obligation! If you'd like to rent a guitar, please add let me know in your email or message, and see the price list below.

Guitar Rental (Electric or Acoustic): £10 per week

Guitar and Amp Rental: £20 per week.

One Month of Guitar Lessons + One Month Guitar Rental: £120

One Month of Guitar Lessons + One Month Guitar & Amp Rental: £150


'When I met Seb in 2016 I knew some basic chord shapes and the odd 3 chord song, but that really was my limit.  With Seb as my tutor, I have progressed from being beginner through intermediate stages and onto an advanced level.  Seb not only taught me the mechanics of playing the guitar, but also helped me understand the concepts, theory, feel and musicianship required to take my playing ability to a point that I would never have believed. Seb has helped me to understand what kind of player I want to be and kept me focused on that goal whilst tailoring his approach as my needs change.  


Seb is an exceptionally talented musician that can play the guitar, keys and drums as well as sing. Most of all, Seb is friendly, approachable and has a fantastic ability to communicate even the most difficult of concepts in an easy to understand format.


Highly recommend!!!' - Adam, 39, student for 5+ years.

'After having my confidence knocked by another guitar teacher who really didn't help me progress very quickly I gave up for a few years. When i met Seb and found that he was teaching I decided to try again. After my first few lessons, I knew that this was the guy who was going to get me playing how I've always wanted to.


He is very patient, fun and knowledgeable about all things musical. He's punctual, reliable and is always really well prepared.


I Couldn't recommend him enough!' - Liz, 25, student for 6 months

Cancellation Policy

Please note I need 24 hours notice for any lesson cancellations, otherwise I kindly ask that students pay half the lesson fee. 

Please feel free to contact me for more information!